I am currently enrolled as a 3rd year student in uOttawa pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering. I am interested in the Software Development field and am seeking exciting opportunities related to the same.

Doing projects in my free time gave me an understanding of how software works in the real world. I am always curious about things and enjoy learning. I like to solve problems and fix errors. I am a detail orientated person and I keep my goals and tasks organized to maintain productivity.

I believe that the skills that I have attained from the dynamic environment and competitive university life define me and I am looking forward to implementing and polishing them in any opportunity that I receive.



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January 2019 - April 2019



My team was approached by the Ottawa Police, specifically the Forensic Department through Sergeant Ugo Garneau, to create a device for reproducing patterns of propelled blood from severed arteries. Furthermore, the customer was very specific about what he was looking for in a prototype that occupies such a role in his daily tasks.

In particular, one can consider the adaptation of many different diameters of tubes as well as multiple cuts, control of rhythm and multiple blood pressures to reproduce crime scenes and retrace the steps of the individuals involved. In such situations one resorts to often considered aberrant values ​​of blood pressure and rhythm due to a series of events that would have shocked the human body. However, the device will replace the old police technique with a tube and a sigh that will improve the accuracy and efficiency of blood patterns reproduced.

When our team presented this project in front of students and judges at the Design Day 2019 in the University of Ottawa, we were very proud and honored to have won the award for the best project in the same category.


Arduino C, 2 potentiometers, LCD screen, On/Off switch, 250ml bottle, 12V 2200mAh battery, Diaphragm pump, electrical wire and different diameter flexible tubes with different size cuts.

Worked With


June 2020 – August 2020


This project was created using only the Java language.
Using the Ceasar Shift Cypher allows for the secure storage of data and the creation of a password that would eventually decrypt the data. The data is comprised of people's personal information (name, phone number, address, etc.). Prevelent methods include but are not limited to: printing the entire decrypted list of people, adding people to the list, searching for certain people in the list using known information, and changing the password.