Family Picture

Top left to right: Jad Haddad, Joseph Haddad, Peter Haddad, Sami Haddad.
Bottom left to right: Michael Haddad, Nadia Haddad.

Washington Family Trip

One of the best trips in the Unites States.

Mount Lebanon

Watching the clouds move beneath me atop one of the tallest mountains in Lebanon.

Ottawa Park

Having a great day at the park with a great friend.

Forest Jam Seshion

Providing singing brids with some jazzy chords to lighten the mood.

End of High School

One of many graduations that ended up bringing me back to school the following year.

Prom Day

Having a fun time with friends at prom.

Beach in Senegal

Looking at the beautiful beaches in Senegal where I visit regularly.

Top of Lebanese Castle

Atop Byblos Castle surrounded by the beautiful beach and the beautiful city of Jbeil.

Cedars of Lebanon

Walking around one of the biggest cedar trees reserves, the Shouf Biosphere Reserve in Lebanon.

Joining the Lebanese Security Forces

Aiming a machine gun mounted on a Lebanese SWAT truck.

Beating you in 8ball Pool

One of the many sports I like to play regularly.